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Natural Fiber Playground - Since his childhood in the Scottish capital, Northern Italy, Dario Monni has generally woken up in two distinct scents: freshly prepared caffeine and simmering homemade dinner spices . This last was the work of his nanna, who got up at 5 o'clock in the morning. Mirielle to start the spices that will then accentuate his fresh dinner, he said. Using her palms with a forthcoming personal identification number, Monni's nanna kneads and sculpts the dough, made from garden hen and flour products from the grandfather's specialty food store. Monni. "There are two different ways of dining," said Monni. "The equipment and also the pine number to come." Currently, thirty-five-year-old Monni resides in Chi City with her better half and her 18-month-old child. In order to protect the family traditions that create his Homemade pasta makers at pastamakers family's dinner, Monni and his better half, JuneGray, will open Tortello, a "pastificio" - handmade dinner look - at 1746 Mr. E. Department. When Tortello opens on July 1st, the center will offer you many types of dinners produced by your hands of "sfoglinas" or "dinner makers". In Puglia, Italy, to train his staff. "In Italy, when many people die, the revenues perish with them," said Monni. "I would rather not lose the traditions." The theory behind Tortello stemmed from the child years of Monni, who had been separated between the neighborhood of his single parent in Venice and the more pastoral education of his father in the southern How to make part of the island of Sardinia. In Venice, her future mothers, her grandfather, operated a niche food store, which they introduced in the 1950s as a tobacco-free shop for high-quality ingredients.

The basic weekly dinner for each household. not perfect comfort meal ease, appropriate way food preparation dish has been disputed. From linguine, most people have changed the techniques of real Italian dishes to meet their needs. But the main flavor based inside. You simply include Parmigiana snow olive oil. If you want to taste, then do it with spices. "When do you find fresh tortellini, like we've never had a lot of spices? "Especially oatmeal can be very pure, see swimming inside spices.

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